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sysCache timout not working


Here is my below timeout setting but when I do try to get it the cached item doesn't expire even after 3s. Can you please take a look and let me know if I'm doing something wrong?
<cacheManager xmlns="">
  <!-- Add your custom cache configuration here -->
      you can define as many named caches as you want and initialize them with CacheFactory.LoadConfiguration(name) 
      Disable Performance Counter since it requires registry access.
    <cache name="myCache" updateMode="Up" enableStatistics="true" enablePerformanceCounters="false">
      <handle ref="sysCache" name="myHandle" expirationMode="Absolute" timeout="3s" />
    <!-- all available cache handles must be registered here before you can use it from managers configuration -->
    <handleDef id="genericDictionary" type="CacheManager.Core.Cache.DictionaryCacheHandle`1, CacheManager.Core" />
    <handleDef id="sysCache" type="CacheManager.SystemRuntimeCaching.MemoryCacheHandle`1, CacheManager.SystemRuntimeCaching" />
my Autofac injection
            // cache manager
                c => CacheFactory.FromConfiguration<object>("myCache")
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